Is bullying inescapable in today’s society?

We see in the headlines over and over again, that bullying has become one of the top concerns parents, students, and teachers are facing on a daily basis. The problem is, bullying has been around forever. It is not new; generation after generation can recall either being bullied or watching the bullying behaviours occur. Remembering back to high school or junior high there will always be some sort of memories connected to how the “Bullies” ruled certain areas of the playground or the back corner lunch tables. Yes, kids were scared when crossing them in the hallway or some took certain measures to avoid all contact. But as the school bell rang, all kids could go to the comfort of their homes. But the biggest question that we should be asking today is: Is electronic communications technologies leading to such extreme cases of bullying?

Youth are no longer safe in their bedrooms or at home with their parents, electronic communication technologies, such as texting and social networking sites have taken bullying to a new level.

A new term has evolved that expresses the severity of the consequences that bullying is taking on its victims; it sadly describes the growing rate of suicides because of bullying. Today, it is called “bullycide”. On November 5, 2010 16 year old Cassidy Andel hung herself in her home, unable to cope with the vicious things being said about her through text messaging and social media networks.

It seems that kids that are being bullied can’t escape the malicious names and comments once the bell rings, and kids are being tormented night and day by the never ending stream of hurtful words published through the internet. Is avoiding bullies no longer a choice? Are the kids that are partaking in the constant name calling or the starting of cruel rumours not stopping at the school doors?

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