Suicide Awareness Week 2012

In Alberta 523 people died by suicide in 2010 according to the preliminary numbers released by the Chief Medical Examiner's office. That is more than one death per day.

What can we do to stop this? Speak up! Lift the Silence surrounding suicide.

Depression and suicide are very real in our community, and every single day, the Crisis Support Centre helps people in crisis. Awareness, information, and crisis de-escalation can go a long way in removing the feelings of hopelessness. The 24 Hour Distress Line receives 12,000 calls per year. Suicide is a complex, heartrending issue with enormous stigma attached to it. The Crisis Support Centre works hard to erase this stigma, to prevent suicide and to provide help to caregivers of individuals who are suffering from depression or who are suicidal.

Suicide Awareness Week is September 9-15. Help lift the silence surrounding suicide by joining us along with Canadian Mental Health Association at Edmonton City Hall on September 13 from 4-7pm for a Suicide Awareness March and Resource Fair.

Together we can lift the silence.There is help, there is hope. 

Additional crisis services can be accessed through